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What are people saying

craig-andrews Once I selected HubLMS, it took less than 24 hours to publish my first course. If you know HubSpot, then it’s very straightforward. The feature I like most is the list-based enrollment and the fact that you can grant lesson-by-lesson access based on any list criteria you devise.
Craig Andrews

Frequently Asked Questions

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HubLMS is compatible with all versions of HubSpot that has access to the design manager. This includes

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional +
  • HubSpot CMS Hub Professional +

Membership Features enhance HubLMS and allow for additional functionality. For this functionality, you need CMS Hub Enterprise or have had HubSpot Marketing Enterprise prior to April 2020.

While the functionality is not out of the box, yes you can show the list of courses available.

In order to do this, you would want to create a new page with our "blank" template. You could accomplish this 2 ways without the need for a developer:

  1. That would allow you to use multiple "rich text" modules that you could make smart
  2. a series of Image CTAs that are smart rules based on list membership. 

You could just use the columns/sections grid look on the page to make the listing.


PS: if you need further customization Impulse Creative is here to help

Yes! Our Course module leverages smart content/lists to show content to users. This includes the ability to gate certain resources at the lesson level

Membership only becomes required if you don't want to show access to the page at all. But if membership is not an option you can share details to the course overview page but the user wouldn't have access to any of the lessons due to list membership.

*HubSpot Membership is available with HubSpot CMS Enterprise

Yes, to an extent.

Out of the box you can use HubSpot's Search features (and search template included in HubLMS) to make searching all your pages. Any content that is shown default on the page is available to search. This includes the overview page, but NOT the lesson detail content.

If you have keyword-rich lesson titles they would be indexed along with the overview text on your page.

Not currently at this time. We may look into this as a requirement in the future.