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If you don't see your questions below, reach out and let us know, we love answering questions and chatting about HubLMS success stories.

What's HubLMS?

HubLMS is a theme built on HubSpot that allows for you to utilize LMS (learning management system) functionality, similar to Kajabi, Thinkific, or LearnDash.

HubLMS allows LMS functionality to work natively on and in HubSpot. At the same time, it uses your HubSpot data to make a smarter LMS.

HubLMS is a theme that works with the HubSpot CMS Pro and Enterprise hubs. It will also work with HubSpot Professional on the landing pages tool, with limited functionality.

There is also a module available that has limited functionality, but the full functionality of an LMS (learning management system) is going to require the theme version.

The HubLMS theme will also add branding functionality or conditional functionality around permissions, where the module will not.

Basic, Pro, and Enterprise are your HubLMS pricing options.

With the Basic LMS product, you only get the functionality of HubLMS. Pro is going to be LMS functionality, plus the ability to really build a great website or website page around your course or training product.

Enterprise is the LMS product functionality, your ability to build a great site/pages and customize or upgrade service provided by Impulse Creative. If you want customization, dashboards, or the use of HubSpot's new HubSpot Custom Objects, you will want to get the Enterprise version of HubLMS.

Note: we've put a close average on the cost of historical customizations/needs in order to give those additional features a pricing option. The actual Enterprise cost with customizations really depends on what our client needs. 

HubLMS does not have gamification features "out of the box." 

Note: "Out of the box" is a term you will read through these questions and on the site that simply means "without any developer customization needed."

However, it is good to note that some things can be done using HubSpot email and workflows. Prime examples are if your learner has not finished a lesson and you want to let them know they need to come back and finish or you need to finish these five things in order to complete the course. That functionality is available out of the box. Beyond that, if you wanted, multiple people in a company to see who's on a leaderboard, or other gamification features, that would where you would need to customize your HubLMS version and would require HubLMS Enterprise.

There are three major pricing options for HubLMS Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.

HubLMS Basic is a one-time payment of $699. HubLMS Professional is a one-time payment of $1,000.

HubLMS Enterprise started at $7,000 and requires a conversation and quote for your needed customizations.

Note: HubLMS requires HubSpot CMS Professional or Enterprise, depending on your needs.

There are no ongoing costs unless you would like a continuous improvement monthly plan. If interested, reach out to sales for more details.

Yes, one hundred percent.

Impulse Creative built HubLMS using HubSpot's built-in responsive framework. HubLMS works on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops right out the box.

It does require an internet connection though. 😁

HubLMS is as secure as HubSpot. For more details on security, check out the HubSpot security features page.

HubSpot Security Details

Can HubLMS Be Customized?

You can upload any file type into the HubSpot File Manager system.

If that media type is compatible with HubSpot, you could use it with your HubLMS course/training.

In a lot of cases, that file type may be an MP3 or MP4 or some type of video file. You can leverage HubSpot's built-in tools to reference those files and then embed or have links to it in any of the lessons.

The lesson description sections are also HTML compatible, making it easy to add an embed code into the rich text editor, you could. You can use a lot of different video platforms to also embed video or audio content with embed codes provided by those platforms.

Yes, you can use your company's logo and favicon in HubLMS.

By using HubSpot's functionality, you can drop in your logo and favicon directly in your HubSpot settings.

Branding Screenshot


Yes, you can use your brand colors in HubLMS.

You will be provided primary, secondary, and tertiary colors to set. You also have the ability to set colors at a page level. If there's hex code or a color you need, choose it without having to touch any crazy CSS code.

Brand Colors


Yes, you can replace the lesson thumbnails with HubLMS.

You can replace your lesson thumbnails on a lesson by lesson basis. You can also update the featured image for the entire course.

Note: Using a 16x9 aspect ratio is suggested and optimizing your images for load speed is always a best practice on any HubSpot site page.

With HubLMS, there are two parts of "locked" content.

If you have HubSpot CMS enterprise and you have the membership functionality enabled, you have full control over where to send a user, if they don't have access to a members-only page and the ability to customize the messaging.

On the members-only page in HubLMS Professional, there's a template to get you started. There is also a template that is preset for passwords and login pages.

Secondarily, there's the individual course "locked" content messaging. If you have access to the page or you're using CMS Pro or Marketing Pro, you can change the message at a course level for restricting access. This is a perfect place to suggests signing up or logging in to access the content. Think "next steps" for your learner.

Yes, you can add additional functionality and customize your version of HubLMS till your heart's content.

Simply reach out to Impulse Creative and give us some information about what you're trying to accomplish. Then we can quote a price to start building your dream LMS.

Yes, we understand that part of launching any course is leveraging urgency. Therefore, we have provided a countdown clock module right out of the box.

With HubLMS, you have the ability at a page by page level to hide the menu and use the drag and drop features to manipulate a header the way that you want it shown.

You could show the clients logo, you could put a different menu in the header, you can do whatever you want within that functionality. 

HubLMS Billing

No, we do not offer free trials but, you can take a test drive to see all the functionality. If you need more than a test drive of the HubLMS, reach out to the Impulse Creative team and we can give you a live demo.

Still wondering why? The reason we don't offer free trials is that our codebase is not something that we can sample, as it's installed in a unique HubSpot portal.

HubLMS pricing is neither monthly nor annual, but is based on a one-time payment option.

If you'd like a continuous improvement or monthly upgrade plan, then consider an ongoing payment plan to help make your version of HubLMS even more awesome than it already is.

Yes, you can upgrade from HubLMS Basic to HubLMS Pro, as the functionality between the two should be compatible.

The simple answer to this question is, no we do not offer refunds.

Wondering why? We don't offer refunds because once the code is installed in a HubSpot portal, anyone could copy it anywhere without our knowledge. We don't believe you would do such a thing, but based on this possibility, we have to say no to refunds.

If you are unsure if HubLMS will work or how it will work, book a meeting with the Impulse Creative team and let's talk about it.

HubLMS & HubSpot

The million-dollar question! 😜

HubLMS does not integrate with HubSpot because it is HubSpot. You see, HubLMS is built directly on HubSpot using the HubSpot tools you already know and love.

If you need information for the contact/learners or the pages viewed or any activity of users, it's in HubSpot and can be located on the contact record. Any information that has submitted or interacted with while utilizing HubLMS will be recorded right into your HubSpot database.

You even have access to all of the information via the HubSpot API's.

To leverage HubLMS, you need access to HubSpot themes. That means you would need either HubSpot Marketing Pro, HubSpot CMS Pro or Enterprise.

For membership functionality, you need HubSpot CMS Enterprise or Marketing Enterprise prior to April 2020.

HubLMS is built on the HubSpot marketing and CMS system so, you can use website pages or landing pages.

You can leverage HubSpot CTAs and forms within the lessons. You can embed HubSpot videos using the HubL Snippet of Vidyard integration.

Heck, you can even use lists and workflows allowing for permissions and automated functionality— making your HubLMS learning experience seem like magic.

If you care about security, then the answer to this question is yes! The added security of your  "HubSpot membership" content is a must for some companies, depending on how they choose to use HubLMS.

But with that said, the demo course available on HubLMS is a perfect example of not using the HubSpot membership functionality.

If you want to replicate that functionality, you can create a landing page similar to, which will allow people access to your information if they aren't cookied on their device.

Yes, HubSpot chatbots work amazingly and you also can leverage logic features.

Any logic that's available in HubSpot for lists, membership, or page-specific lesson views can be leveraged for your chatbot strategy.

Yes, you can use HubLMS to create a reporting dashboard based on people who viewed each of your lesson modules.

If you map out automation to set fields, you can create just about any reports necessary out of the box. You are only reliant on the workflows and fields set, so you can handle those conditions based on form submissions and workflows.

Who Should Use HubLMS?

There are many ways that marketing teams can use HubLMS. One of the main ways we have historically seen is to leverage premium content.

You may have some existing ebooks, white papers, or webinars that you could go through and segment or edit into an organized journey of learning.

HubLMS has features built into the theme that allows for the redirect after form submission from a landing page to automatically capture and show courses and or lessons based on permission.

Impulse Creative built HubLMS for the marketer— to enhance their educational value, lead conversions, and to nurture prospects, leads, and customers. 🏆

The data captured by the learners going through your company's HubLMS courses can help sales teams achieve better lead intelligence.

The info that is captured and viewable by the sales team can show whether people in the buyer's journey are engaging and leaning into the content/journey or not.

Also, HubLMS is very useful in sales training.

💰 Need to train your sales teams about products, services, or even internal processes? You could use HubLMS to create your own internal onboarding process for your sales teams.

HR teams can use HubLMS in several powerful ways. 

Use HubLMS for continuing education credits or your internal employee onboarding. Imagine, a new employee is hired, provided the HubLMS onboarding course, and upon completion can take a test to measure the amount of retained knowledge of your internal processes.

Also, it's important to know that HubLMS works really well if you're doing co-learning onsite or via live training. You can easily provide extra modules to extend learning after the session, too.

Where the HubLMS becomes really interesting and useful for HR teams is in the use of questionnaires and or quizzes. You could make sure you're not just telling people what your core values are; you can actually ask which one doesn't fit, ensuring accuracy in retention.

Much like HR teams use HubLMS for educating new recruits about your culture, Operations teams can use HubLMS for specific training around a customer-facing product.

Let's take a medical device, for instance. Anyone who is going to be using that device within an organization can be provided a guided learning path to make sure they understand how to use the medical device and mitigate the need for support in the future.

The operations team is able to look back and understand, George has completed all 14 modules prior to the call. We don't have to delay the meeting. We can keep things moving.

When it comes to consuming information, agencies are always fighting the clock. But historically, there's not really been a real guided way of doing internal or external learnings.

Now agencies can use HubLMS to build their on-demand onboarding. Agencies could use HubLMS to help with sales education and with marketing teams for lead generation and nurturing.

Where HubLMS becomes really important for agencies is, in curating content for their internal teams.

The agency partner program is— you guessed it!— a program for agencies. After their first full price purchase, participating agencies can access their dashboard and additional sales resources and discounted rates.

Agencies can then sell HubLMS and Evolve to their clients. Your agency can choose to have your clients purchase directly from Impulse Creative or you could pass the savings on to your client with a payment link.

Either way, to learn more about the partner program visit the partner program page for HubLMS and Evolve, today.

Are There Quizzes in HubLMS?

Yes, you can create quizzes in HubLMS.

You have two options for quizzes:

1. An inline quiz, which you can place at the end of each lesson, limited currently to one question per lesson module. If you have a course with 10 lessons, you have 10 questions you can ask in the inline quiz.

2. A HubLMS quiz, your own course page with as many questions as you want. This quiz module currently only supports multiple choice.

If you want to grade a quiz automatically or if you want open-ended text-based question, we recommend using the HubSpot form module.

Quizzes out of the box are limited to multiple-choice answers.

If you want to grade or score your quiz based on points, where option A is two points, option B is three points, and option C is zero points, then that functionality would need to be discussed with the Impulse Creative team, as it would be a custom change/upgrade.

Yes, you can provide certifications with HubLMS.

With quizzes/certifications, you can keep track of the score someone receives when taking your quizzes. You can then set up lists based on the percent of the score for a specific quiz or a course you have provided.

You can also set up automation emails that say if your learner has passed or failed the quiz. If they passed, then you could send an email saying congratulations.

Note: At this time, there is no functionality for a PDF certificate that is available for download. But it is possible to add this custom functionality to your HubLMS by reaching out to the Impulse Creative team.

The quiz results or overall score is saved into the contact record for the person taking the quiz.

Note: The individual results or answers to the questions are not kept.

Unfortunately, at this time the answer is no— you cannot randomize your quiz questions.

If that is a specific HubLMS need for your company, please reach out.

HubLMS Integrations

The HubLMS theme has a Stripe Checkout button that we have built so that you don't need to pay for a different module in the HubSpot marketplace.

It works with subscriptions and also one-time payments.

Note: If you want the information for permission to come back to HubSpot, it does require Piesynch, Zapier, or other data synching tool to sync the customer payment status into your HubSpot portal.

We love Wistia! Wistia has both audio and video player functionality, which is native and which works with HubLMS out of the box.

You can drop a Wistia URL directly into any of our theme video embed modules, and it will automatically build a responsive video player or audio player for you. 💥

Pro tip: one of the powerful pieces of having a Wistia account is being able to manage list membership based on a percent viewed of any video.

YouTube videos can be played, but conditions on viewership are not going to be something that can be tracked out of the box.

Simply place your YouTube embed or link in the video module and you are off to the races.

HubLMS Features

Yes, you can use HubLMS to create multiple courses. The only limitation is your imagination or "HubSpot" if they have a page limit.

PS. we don't think they do. 😎

You have the choice to link any resources if they're available on the internet.

No matter if it's an internal file link or an external link outside the website— or even any content in your HubSpot file manager. The information that is available in the dropdown could be reordered and adjusted.

Screenshot 2020-11-11 154630

If there are other things that you want to do like, for instance, adding a slide deck to a lesson, you can embed them in the actual lesson details information at the bottom as well.

Yes, you can create a lesson category or multiple categories with HubLMS. You have the choice of setting categories and enabling categories at the lesson level.

You also then have the option of choosing whether categories are only available to be seen on the overview or the sidebar.

You can absolutely add transcripts to your course with HubLMS. You can simply drop it into the lesson details for the individual lessons within your course. If you don't want it in the lesson details area, you can reach out to us for a customized solution

Pro tip: Transcriptions are not automatic, they need to be provided by audio, video, or transcription tool or provider.

Yes, HubLMS does support multiple languages for your course needs.

Because HubLMS is built on HubSpot, it leverages HubSpot's multi-language features. This allows for modified headers and footers as well as complete variations of an entire course page.

Yes, with the professional level of HubLMS there is a course listing module that you can use to create a dashboard or a listing of courses that are available.

You could go to sprockettalk com/courses to see an example that would allow for you to show what is available and not. Here you can also learn how to only show courses that someone has access to based on list permissions.

Yes, you can automate messages and reminders. In fact, action-based automation is highly recommended.

Example: If you have not done X things in X amount of days, then send this reminder!

If you want time-based automation or action-based automation, it requires HubSpot workflows. This is an option for HubSpot Marketing Professional, or Sales Professional or above.