HubLMS Features

A Powerful LMS Theme built on the HubSpot CMS.

No Coding Required

Compatible with HubSpot Marketing Hub Pro+ or CMS Hub Pro+

Easy setup to match your brand

Customize the theme colors without the need of a developer.

Build out a Custom Quiz for your Course

Build a Certification / Quiz with each Course

Each Course has the option to turn on quiz functionality allowing you to ask questions per module. Once they submit answers their score is pushed to their HubSpot Contact Record automatically.

Setup Course Categories

Setup Categories for your course and organize your lessons into sections. Highly Requested feature


Build Unlimited Courses

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Set Permissions by Lesson

Create your On-Demand course by leveraging HubSpot's Smart List functionality and associating permissions to individual lessons.

Use Any Video Platform

No need for any embed codes, our theme will automatically convert your video urls into mobile-ready embed codes. Works natively with Wistia, Vidyard, Vimeo, or YouTube

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HubSpot Membership Ready

Includes all required templates so you can leverage HubSpot CMS Membership Features.

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Create Free Preview Lessons & Automation

Leverage Free Preview Lessons to increase conversions

Create Course Feedback Surveys 

Leverage HubSpot's Service Hub to integrate Feedback Surveys or send automatic email's requesting feedback via forms.

Create Time Released Courses & Lessons

By leveraging HubSpot's Smart List criteria and Workflows you can create time-released courses and lessons. This is perfect for "weekly" time released modules for a course. Create hands-free nurturing and automation.